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The weight of a weighted filtration is given (for large $m$) by a polynomial

Let $I$ be an homogeneous ideal of $k[x_0, \dots, x_n]$. Suppose to give integral weights $\lambda_0, \dots, \lambda_n$ to $x_0, \dots, x_n$. We assign a weight to every homogeneous polynomial of ...
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Semi-stable sheaves on quadric surface In this paper, Stable sheaves on a smooth quadric surface with linear Hilbert bipolynomials(E. Ballico and S.Huh), I have a question. On the ...
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How can I get the scheme-theoretic support of coherent sheaf on a ruled surface with linear Hilbert bipolynomial ax+by+c?

I have pure sheaves of dimension 1 on a ruled surface, in paticular the Hirzebruch surface F$_e$=P($O \oplus O(-e)$) with linear Hilbert bipolynomial $P(x, y)=ax+by+c$. A sheaf $E$ is pure of ...
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Reference request: Kleiman's proof of Snapper's Lemma

On page 4 of Nitin Nitsure's paper Construction of Hilbert and Quot Schemes, the author refers to the fact that Hilbert polynomials are indeed polynomials as a special case of Snapper's Lemma, see &...
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