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Classification in the sense of statistics and machine learning

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What is the significance of these transformations? Fuzzy ensemble technique

I have recently studied a method of Fuzzy rank-based ensemble. The technique is as follows:- Suppose you have 2 classes, Yes and No, and you have trained 3 models based on your training set. Model 1 ...
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k-means errors for a block Gaussian vector

Consider a standard centered Gaussian vector $(X_1,...,X_n)$ with an approximate block structure, i.e. there is $q$ and a partition of $\{1,...,n\}$ in $q$ classes such that if $i,j$ are in the same ...
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Bayes risk of binary classification problem with conditionally independent covariates

In the setting of this problem, $\eta(\vec{x})$ is $P(Y=1|\vec{X}=\vec{x})$, $Y \in \{0,1\}$, and $X \in R^d$. Being the true probability know, the classification rule is simply $\eta(\vec{x})>0.5 \...
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Represent multivariate data [closed]

I am not sure if this is the best place for my question. Please delete if it is not, but I would really appreciate some suggestions. I want to graphically represent multivariate data. I have 7 ...
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Minimum number of support vectors? [closed]

I'm learning SVM and its written everywhere that the minimal number of support vectors is 2? But I couldn't find any formal proofs of that. Why cant there be less than 2 support vectors? Can somebody ...
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Finding decision boundary from empirical distribution

Based on measuring a certain characteristic, we want to classify measurements as coming from either of two populations. The true population distributions are unknown (and we don't want to take any ...
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