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I am a senior in High School as of 2020.

Book Rec's:

  • Topology by Munkres - Just obviously a classic book on Topology. Nothing more to be said, really.
  • Quantum Computing for Everyone by Bernhardt - If you enjoy programming and math, it only makes sense that QC is what comes next. Fantastic introduction, including pieces on individual types of Quantum gates. It's the future, so you may as well read up.
  • Man and His Symbols by Jung - Not a math book by any means, I don't really believe in Jungian archetypes, but I enjoy this work for it's inspiration potential in stories and other pieces of media.
  • Logic: A Complete Introduction by Lee - Being able to accurately present your beliefs and reason is probably the most important thing in the universe. That's about all I got for that one, it's important.
  • Set Theory and Logic (Dover Books on Mathematics) - For a little bit more in-depth set theory after Munkres.

Favorite Pieces of Media:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - The End of Eva ending is better. :)
  • A Clockwork Orange - C'mon man, who doesn't love Kubrick? Let's be real.

Dream Team:

  • Tyler, The Creator - Vocalist,
  • Jimi Hendrix - Guitar,
  • Thundercat - Bass,
  • Neil Peart (Rest in Peace) - Drums,
  • Jordan Rudess - Keys.

I just thought that last one would be fun. Aight. Thanks for reading my bullshit.

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