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32 votes

Why does the group law commute with morphisms of elliptic curves?

22 votes

Why is Riemann-Roch an Index Problem?

21 votes

Statements in group theory which imply deep results in number theory

16 votes

How to topologize X(R) when R is a topological ring?

13 votes

Some help in digesting a paragraph in the introduction of Deligne/Rapoport's "Les Schemas de Modules de Courbes Elliptique"

12 votes

Irreducible polynomial over number field with roots in every completion?

11 votes

Equivalent statements of the Riemann hypothesis in the Weil conjectures

7 votes

the dual abelian scheme

4 votes

intuition about the "section after base-change" for flat descent and exactness of the Amitsur complex

3 votes

Homeomorphism onto a closed subset of a scheme that isn't a closed immersion