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David S Alderson
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I am an experienced, self-motivated professional, ready to dive back into software development with a team of motivated and talented individuals.


  • At JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, Angular, HTML, CSS

  • Career: Java, Android, Kotlin, Relational Databases, SQL, Windows/*nix/Mac

  • Soft: Development, Dev Manager, User Liaison, Waterfall, Agile
  • Self-motivated and a quick learner

Current Student, Web Developer Track at Problem Solving, Debugging, Command Line, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ES6, Git Basics, OOP in JS, REST & APIs, DOM Manipulation, Using agile practices, user stories & requirements, Call Stacks, Recursion, Arrays & Strings, Algorithmic Thinking, jQuery, Angular, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails.

Developer and Manager at AldersoNet, LLC Developed and maintain three revenue-generating Android apps. See All apps use ACRA error reporting system, Maven, JIRA, Subversion, Gradle. All apps tested with JUnit and cleaned with Lint.

  • Contact Ringtones - Set unique ringtones for text messages, phone, and email. Java: synchronous multi-threading, semaphores, cache, sockets io. Android API: activity/fragment, alarms, cursors, graphics, service, receivers, SMS/MMS, billing, media. MySQL database; IMAP API
  • VolCon - Volume Control, Locker, and Scheduler. Simple schedulable volume override.
  • Bumper Hangman - An explosive mix of hangman and pool. LibGDX – the open source game development framework; physics, stages, actors, gestures, demo. Android API: activity/fragment, billing, graphics, Google Play Games. Amazon SDK and Amazon Game Circle. Java: multi-threading, generics, concurrency

Management Experience from Director to Vice President of Engineering

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