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76 votes

Mathematical habits of thought and action which would be of use to non-mathematicians

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The concept of duality

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What are your experiences of handouts in mathematics lectures?

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How can one compute the canonical class of the projective completion of the tautological bundle over $P^1\times P^1$?

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What does the ample cone look like?

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Examples of great mathematical writing

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The fibers of M_{g,n} \to M_g and the Fulton-MacPherson compactification

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Can $\mathbb{P}^n$ be regarded as an algebraic vector bundle over some algebraic variety?

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Algebraic geometry examples

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When is an irreducible scheme quasi-compact?

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Rank 2 flat bundles on an elliptic curve, via extensions

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Notable mathematics during World War II

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Higher-dimensional Gromov-Witten theories

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How do I describe the GL_n torsor attached to a smooth morphism of relative dimension n?

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What do gerbes and complex powers of line bundles have to do with each other?