I have been obsessed with computers since I was 3. I am very much a Computer Geek. Unfortunatly I have learning difficulties, one of which is called Dyscalculia. This is a numerical form of Dyslexia, this means I have servere problems with basic maths. I can not divide, subtract, do fractions, meashurents or percentages, and I can not do angles. I have difficulty with addition and multiplication, and I am just getting the the hang of telling the time. I am also Autistic, I had a Diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome when I 18 but Social services gave me a report last year saying I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (besicaly it means they know im autistic but the consultants can not identify the type of autism I have) and to make matters worse I also have Epilepsy. Thankfully I am not Photosensitive. (I don't think I could live with out a computer) I am 26 and I live in my own flat, I have support workers who come around to help me out every day. My ultimate goal in life is be a Hardware Engineer for Microsoft, but having been predicted an F grade in GCSE's for years and than having achieved a low E grade, (mostly through guess work) ,I still don't know how I got an E grade in my GCSE's ? I am currently assesed as being at Entry Level 2 in maths, which means I still have to pass Entry level 2 to get on to Entry Level 3 and then pass Entry Level 3 to get on to Level 1 and then pass Level 1 to get on to Level 2 and then pass Level 2 before I can redo my GCSE's. This sucks big time. I know how to do Algebra, I can explain Parellel Universe Theroy, I can explain string Theroy, I can explain electronics, I can explain a Voltage Triangle, I know the diffrence between ohm's and Farrads, I can tell you which is bigger or smaller between a nano-meter and a atto meter, I know how to build a stirling engine. It sucks that I can not do basic maths with out a calculator. It bugs me to satans stink hole and back that I can not get in to a University because I can not get a GCSE C Grade in maths. I spend so much time on the internet reading about computer science, I am very much a conceptual person, I understand binary, I understand Hexidecimal but when you add basic maths to an equation or fomula it totaly screws with my brain and I will spend like half an hour trying to figure it out before I submit to pulling out the full adder to get a quick awnser, and by than I have forgotten what I was doing espeshaly if it was for a fomula or equation. So basicaly I get pretty desprate as far as trying to learn Computer Science, espeshaly considering so much of it involves mathmatics. I am here to try and learn as much as I can please bear with me if I seem a little off.

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