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Where are mathematics jobs advertised if not on mathjobs (e.g. in Europe and elsewhere)?

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What are surprising examples of Model Categories?

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How can I conclude that I live in a solar system?

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Cures for mathematician's block (as in writer's block)

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Are good introductory/pedagogical problems in algebraic geometry rare?

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Most helpful math resources on the web

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Stricter permutation patterns

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Maximum distance within a subset of permutations

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Combinatorial constructions found by computer

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When are two proofs of the same theorem really different proofs

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Undergraduate Level Math Books

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Latex Template for a Popular Math Journal

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counting patterns in a word

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Learning About Schubert Varieties

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Is there a software package that does Schubert Calculus computations?

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Are there any recordings of Grothendieck online?