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29 votes

Examples of unexpected mathematical images

14 votes

bar construction and loop space cohomology

11 votes

Is dgCat a category or a 2-category?

9 votes

Why do the model structures on dg-algebras and on dg-categories are not compatible?

8 votes

Motivation behind the definition of hochschild cohomology

7 votes

Why localize spaces with respect to homology?

7 votes

When is the quotient by an $n$-fold loop space an $m$-fold loop space?

6 votes

Zigzags and contractibility of categories

6 votes

A general theory of quasi-functors, generalizing from dg-categories to $\mathcal V$-categories, with $\mathcal V$ monoidal model category

5 votes

Seifert--van Kampen for the loop space dga

4 votes

solid commutative ring spectra

3 votes

Constructing a space with prescribed cohomology ring

3 votes

Loop space of a category

2 votes

Is the "inverse" (i.e., the "cohomological") numeration for singular (i.e., $H\mathbb{Z}$-)homology of spectra "acceptable"?

1 vote

Model structure of commutative dg-algebras inside all dg-algebras

0 votes

Simplicial approximation for simplicial spaces