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54 votes

A single paper everyone should read?

38 votes

Switching Research Fields

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Yet another 'roadmap' style request- a second bite of the cherry

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What should we teach to liberal arts students who will take only one math course?

15 votes

Cosheaf homology and a theorem of Beilinson (in a paper on Mixed Tate Motives)

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PDE on manifolds

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Which Spheres are Complex Manifolds?

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Books you would like to see translated into English

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Can minimal surfaces be characterized by some universal property?

10 votes


7 votes

Two kinds of orientability/orientation for a differentiable manifold

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Where does a math person go to learn quantum mechanics?

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Proofs that require the existence of large finite numbers

4 votes

Homotopy property of constructible sheaves on stratified spaces

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A Learning Roadmap request: From high-school to mid-undergraduate studies

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How much "Morse theory" can be accomplished given only a continuous transformation of a space?

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CW-structures and Morse functions: a reference request

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Alternative undergraduate analysis texts

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Understanding (the wiki page on) Verdier duality

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What's your favorite equation, formula, identity or inequality?