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related to the Pfaffian polynomial and its traits.
created Apr 19 at 15:30
Gang Tian introduced the concept of “K-stability” for Fano manifolds to prove the existence of Kahler-Einstein metrics
created Apr 19 at 14:26
a complex manifold with a smoothly varying Hermitian inner product on each holomorphic tangent space. Hermitian manifold introduced by Cartan in 1922
created Apr 18 at 14:47
In the classical equation, one looks for $R\in\Lambda^2\mathfrak g$ such that $$[R,R]=0,$$ where the bracket is Schouten's bracker in $\Lambda^\bullet\mathfrak g$, the exterior algebra on a Lie algebr…
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In algebraic geometry, a projective variety over an algebraically closed field $k$ is a subset of some projective $n$-space $\mathbb P^n$ over $k$ that is the zero-locus of some finite family of homog…
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