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for questions about etale cohomology of schemes, including foundational material and applications.
644 questions
Lattices in the sense of discrete subgroups of Euclidean spaces, as used in number theory, discrete geometry, Lie groups, etc. (Not to be confused with lattice theory or lattices as used in physics! F…
Questions about geometric properties of sets using measure theoretic techniques; rectifiability of sets and measures, currents, Plateau problem, isoperimetric inequality and related topics.
A Hilbert space $H$ is a real or complex vector space endowed with an inner product such that $H$ is a complete metric space when endowed with the norm induced by this inner product.
Riemann surfaces(Riemannian surfaces) is one dimensional complex manifold. For questions about classical examples in complex analysis, complex geometry, surface topology.
627 questions
Birational geometry is a field of algebraic geometry the goal of which is to determine when two algebraic varieties are isomorphic outside lower-dimensional subsets. This amounts to studying mappings …
for questions about deformation theory, including deformations of manifolds, schemes, Galois representations, and von Neumann algebras.
603 questions
Questions on the subject additive combinatorics, also known as arithmetic combinatorics, such as questions on: additive bases, sum sets, inverse sum set theorems, sets with small doubling, Sidon sets,…
597 questions
The Riemann zeta function is the function of one complex variable $s$ defined by the series $\zeta(s) = \sum_{n \geq 1} \frac{1}{n^s}$ when $\operatorname{Re}(s)>1$. It admits a meromorphic continuati…
588 questions
For questions involving the concept of convexity
For questions on modules over rings.
580 questions
For question borderline with, or having application to, computer science. Consider also posting http://cs.stackexchange.com/ or http://cstheory.stackexchange.com/ instead of here, if appropriate.
579 questions
Vertex colouring, Edge Colouring, List Colouring, Fractional Chromatic Number and other variants of graph colouring problems are all on topic.
577 questions
A three-manifold is a space that locally looks like Euclidean three-dimensional space
572 questions
Descriptive Set Theory is the study of definable subsets of Polish spaces, where definable is taken to mean from the Borel or projective hierarchies. Other topics include infinite games and determinac…
A topos is a category that behaves very much like the category of sets and possesses a good notion of localization. Related to topos are: sheaves, presheaves, descent, stacks, localization,...
Theoretical and experimental aspects of information theory and coding theory. This tag covers but is not limited to following branches: information theory, information geometry, optimal transportation…
556 questions
Nonlinear objectives, nonlinear constraints, non-convex objective, non-convex feasible region.
The term Galois representation is frequently used when the G-module is a vector space over a field or a free module over a ring, but can also be used as a synonym for G-module. The study of Galois mod…
548 questions
Approximation theory is concerned with how functions can best be approximated with simpler functions, and with quantitatively characterizing the errors introduced thereby.
for questions about von Neumann algebras, that is, weak operator topology closed, unital, *-subalgebras of bounded operators on a Hilbert space.
535 questions
A semigroup is a set $S$ together with a binary operation that is associative. Examples of semigroups are the set of finite strings over a fixed alphabet (under concatenation) and the positive integer…
534 questions
A Hopf algebra is a vector space $H$ over a field $k$ endowed with an associative product $\times:H\otimes_k H\to H$ and a coassociative coproduct $\Delta:H\to H\otimes_k H$ which is a morphism of alg…
If it turns out that a problem is equivalent to a known open problem, then the open-problem tag is added. After that, the question essentially becomes, "What is known about this problem? What are some…
522 questions
Fields as algebraic objects. For vector and tensor fields, use eg. [dg.differential-geometry]. For physical fields, use eg. [mp.mathematical-physics] or [quantum-field-theory].
For questions requesting examples of a certain structure or phenomenon
520 questions
Questions about algebraic structures known as quantum groups, and their categories of representations. Quasitriangular Hopf algebras and their Drinfel'd twists, triangular Hopf algebras, $C^\star$ qua…
Stable homotopy theory is that part of homotopy theory (and thus algebraic topology) concerned with all structure and phenomena that remain after sufficiently many applications of the suspension funct…
499 questions
Singularities in algebraic/complex/differential geometry and analysis of ODEs/PDEs. Singular spaces, vector fields, etc.
497 questions
A manifold is a topological space that locally resembles Euclidean space near each point. More precisely, each point of an n-dimensional manifold has a neighbourhood that is homeomorphic to the Euclid…
493 questions
Questions on the calculus of variations, which deals with the optimization of functionals mostly defined on infinite dimensional spaces.
Algebraic and geometric theory of quadratic forms and symmetric bilinear forms, e.g., values attained by quadratic forms, isotropic subspaces, the Witt ring, invariants of quadratic forms, the discrim…
489 questions
Questions related to permutations, bijections from a finite (or sometimes infinite) set to itself.
485 questions
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