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Everything the deals with properties and definitions of Haar measure, as well as related fields when the question relies heavily on the notion of haar measure - group harmonic analysis, group ergodic …
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(Usually one-parameter) semigroups of linear operators and its applications to partial differential equations, stochastic processes such as Markov processes and other branches of mathematics.
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Stability theory, including global stability (in dynamical systems, where it can notably be used in combination with ds.dynamical-systems)
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one of a few general methods enabling us to solve a wide range of miscellaneous problems from the theory of numbers and its applications. The strongest results hav…
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For questions about projective modules over a ring and projective objects in related categories.
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a subgroup generated by reflections through the hyperplanes orthogonal to the roots.
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For questions about matchings in graph theory. A matching on a graph is a set of edges such that no two edges share a common vertex.
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a theorem that describes the distribution of the primes. It says that the number of primes less than or equal to a real number $x$ is asymptotic to $\frac{x}{\ln x}$.
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Algebraic methods in Graph Theory; the linear algebra method, graph homomorphisms, group theoretic methods (for example Cayley graphs), and graph invariants. For graph eigenvalue problems use the spe…
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Recreational mathematics or puzzles with serious mathematical content. Note that math contest problems are generally considered off-topic.
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