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A second-order recursion (functional equation)

As already pointed out by @KStarGamer in the comment above, Mathematica can sum the recursion using RSolve[]. The result can be rewritten in terms of the ...
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What are applications of asymptotic freeness of random matrices?

Here are a few additional references, in the same directions as in Carlo's answer. Wireless communication: Channel Estimation and Robust Detection for IQ Imbalanced Uplink Massive MIMO-OFDM With ...
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Is there a closed-form solution for $\max_D \operatorname{Tr}(ADBD)$

For any of your diagonal matrices $D$, let $J:=J_D$ be the set such that $D_{i,j}=1(i=j\in J)$ for all $i,j$ in the set $[N]:=\{1,\dots,N\}$, where, for any matrix $M$, its $(i,j)$-entry is denoted by ...
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Expectation of the trace of inverse of a Gaussian random matrix

The following argument is quite similar to Carlo Beenakker's. For simplicity, I only consider the real case. I'm also going to use different symbols for the sizes of the matrices. Let $X$ be an $n \...
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