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Effective bound for odd numbers expressed as sums of three primes

N = 6 YES! P ≥ 5 (mod6) Then all primes are congruent to P ≡ 1 (mod6) and P ≡ 5 (mod6) easy to check (+-1). All remaining composite numbers are congruent to ≡ 0 (mod6), ≡ 2 (mod6), ≡ 3 (mod6) and ≡ 4 ...
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Rational prime factors in the components of powers of Gaussian primes

We have the following generalization: Let $K$ be a quadratic extension of $\mathbb Q$, $\mathcal O_K$ the ring of integers, $q$ an odd prime of $\mathbb Q$ unramified in $K$, and $x \in \mathcal O_K$ ...
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