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A property of canonical singularity

This essentially follows from Claim 2.3.1, p. 39 of J. Kollár, S. Kovács: Singularities of the Minimal Model Program, Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics 200 (2013). The Authors prove the result for $m=1$,...
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Construction of Scherk's surface using soap films

Your question is actually related to a somewhat non-trivial property of the minimal graph equation (and related non-linear elliptic equations) that goes back to work of Jenkins and Serrin. The basic ...
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Well posedness of the Plateau problem under lack of uniqueness

I am far from being an expert, but if I understand your question correctly, the answer is "no", at least for the Plateau problem in the realm of Caccioppoli sets. Vinti's cited result [2] ...
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Approximation of triply periodic minimal surfaces with trigonometric level sets

I believe these equations first appear in Ian Barnes' 1990 PhD thesis Microstructure of bicontinuous phases in surfactant systems. In section 6.2.1 he derives the Fourier representation of periodic ...
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