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Do Gromov hyperbolic spaces admit concical geodesic bicombings?

None of your extra assumptions will suffice. An easy example is obtained as follows. Start with the unit 2-sphere $S^2$ with the standard Riemannian metric $ds^2$ induced from the embedding in ${\...
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Complexity for determining whether a given metric space is hyperconvex?

Finite metric spaces with more than two points cannot be hyperconvex, because they cannot be convex. Just take the two closest points in the metric space. There are no points between them. Therefore, ...
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Graphs admitting an 1-Lipschitz map from edge mid-points to vertices

I assume that $p$ should map each edge to one of its endpoints. Under this assumption, any vertex projection $p\colon E\to V$ corresponds to orientation of all edges (edge $e$ is oriented towards $p(e)...
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