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Abstract algebraic link between two problems involving polynomials and (generalized) Vandermonde matrices?

Well, after some more thinking I'm going to answer my own question. It was pretty much just a matter of linking all elements together. Here are my notations, in $\mathbb R_N[X]$. Note $\partial$ the ...
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Determining if $\|f\|_\infty \leq C\, \|f\|_{2}^{2/3} $ holds under $f(0) = f(1) = 0$, $\|f'\|_2 \leq 1$

Let me try to give an intuitive explanation for why it is conceivable that inequality like this can hold for Lipschitz functions (with bounded Lipschitz norm) and yet fail for $f$ with $f'\in L^2$. ...
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