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A confusion about power series and p-adic measures

You are asking about substitution of one power series into another. This can be interpreted in two ways, which ultimately amount to the same thing (like two different ways of thinking about anything) ...
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On the Artin-Rees Lemma for non-commutative rings

There is some discussion of this in Rowen's "Ring Theory", volume I, Section 3.5, with additional references therein. Exercise 19 on p. 462 in op. cit. states that a polycentral ideal $I$ of ...
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Prove that $\overline{a}_{11}$ is a prime element in $R$

Now that I have thought about this further, I realize that you need much less than the Samuel Conjecture to solve this problem. By a dimension count, the ring $R$ is a complete intersection ring, ...

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