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For questions about software useful for mathematical research; for questions on specialist mathematical software, cf. also [tag:mathematical-software].

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Deduce kernel of isogeny from action on torsion points

I'm stuck with the following problem: In Petit's work "Faster Algorithms for Isogeny Problems using Torsion Point Images", p. 8, he says that we can deduce $\ker \psi_{N_2}$ knowing the ...
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What is meant by a meet-in-the-middle approach?

I'm studing C. Petit's work "Faster algorithms for isogeny problems using torsion point images" (link) and he talks about meet-in-the-middle approach/strategy for solve some isogenies ...
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Are there any alternatives to LaTeX that feel more like HTML? [closed]

so I’ll preface this with I’m pretty familiar with HTML and enjoy using it quite a bit. I’m looking for a way to write maths and essays with a language similar to HTML if that’s even possible.
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Useful software for variable elimination

I have three non-homogeneous trivariate polynomials in $\mathbb Z[x,y,z]$ and I want to eliminate the variables $y$ and $z$ to get a polynomial in $x$. The monomials of the polynomials are $\{1,x^4,x^...
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Geometric construction exercises

Many of you know dynamic geometry exercises in Euclidea; if not, here is one example. It lets you do a geometric construction and sends a message once you achieve the result. I am looking for a way to ...
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Graphics software [closed]

Do you have any suggestions about free mathematical graphics software? I need to do some drawings of polyhedrons and a drawing of intersection between polyhedron and a circle.
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Which tool is "standard" when it comes to the presenting slides?

Maybe this question belongs to some other place such as Academia SE, but I am interested in the specific case of the field of mathematics, so please forgive me. I am writing my first research ...
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Coppersmith bivariate polynomial roots implementation

Given $f(x,y)\in\mathbb Z[x,y]$ Coppersmith in provides a provable method to find integer roots in polynomial time and this method was also ...
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Software and ideas for workshops and conferences with long-distance participants

Conferences and workshops are often great - getting together and being together is an ideal setting for doing research and learning things. However, there are various reasons to encourage the ...
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Need software for subject classification to stick to, for personal library purposes?

This question obviously applies to not only mathematics, so maybe I should post it on academia.SE or somewhere else; but then again, mathematical literature has its own specifics related to existing ...
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What kind of computer tools topologists/geometrists use to visualize the objects they deal with?

I have recently started to read a bit about geometry and topology. Hopf fibration, Lense spaces, CW complexes, stuff that are discussed in Hatcher's Algebraic Topology and other things that require ...
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What computer program for automorphic forms

This question has its origins in this entertaining discussion on MO. There are many programs (CAS) and libraries that are able to handle algebraic expressions. These are both a verification tool for (...
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Advanced software for OEIS?

Is there (if not, why?) a software where I can input a sequence of integers, like into the OEIS, and then it makes some simple transformations on it to check whether the sequence can be obtained from ...
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Illustrating mathematics with wysiwyg tools

What tools are out there for creating mathematical illustrations in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get mode? Having struggled with tikz for several years, I've found creating figures in Omnigraffle (...
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Calculating Betti tables of smooth curves

I am looking for a software that could help me calculate the Betti table of smooth curves. I was trying to use Macaulay2, but calculating Betti tables of smooth curves on that seems really hard and ...
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How to check with a CAS if a surface is of general type?

The main question is: How to check with a CAS if a surface is of general type? Magma's function KodairaEnriquesType is close to this, but doesn't always work. ...
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Mathematical software wish list

Like many other mathematicians I use mathematical software like SAGE, GAP, Polymake, and of course $\LaTeX$ extensively. When I chat with colleagues about such software tools, very often someone has ...
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Is a computer program for correspondence theory available?

In the 1990s I some times used a computer program with the Max Planck Institute which helped with calculating complicated correspondences for modal logical formulas. Is some program like that ...
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What are the uses of Limits and Colimits of Category Theory in every day problems? [closed]

I am interested in knowing how we can use the concepts of Limits and Colimits in modeling problems in every day life? Could anyone provide (Software) engineering examples, perhaps? Or describe ...
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Software to numerically solve partial differential equation

When we use software to numerically solve differential equation, for example, using finite difference, finite element or finite volume methods, etc., is it possible that people input differential ...
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Software Reference Request: Three Dimensional Staircase Visualizers for Monomial Ideals

Is anyone familiar with software that already exists to visualize monomial ideals in three variables as their staircase diagrams, in the sense of Combinatorial Commutative Algebra? It looks like ...
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On $p$-adic arithmetic softwares

I would like to automate a huge amount of computation that involves basic arithmetic operations with $p$-adic numbers. I have found a Mathematica package for it, but it is old and acts quite ...
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Good programs for drawing (weighted directed) graphs

Does anyone know of a good program for drawing directed weighted graphs?
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What would an ideal mathematical note-taking/organizer/PIM software look like? [closed]

I'm struggling with this problem for a long time, and I'm sure a lot of you out there are having similar problems too: when studying from a e-textbook I read and annotate in one app and make ...
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Creating high quality figures of surfaces

I am not sure if this question is suitable for mo, it is more about visualization than math. Anyway, here it is: What is the best way to visualize a 2-surface in Euclidean space with high quality? ...
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What programming languages do mathematicians use? [closed]

I understand this might be a slightly subjective question, but I am honestly curious what programming languages are used by the mathematics community. I would imagine that there is a group of ...
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Tools for Organizing Papers?

Much like a previous question on keeping research notes organized, my question is how people keep their pile of papers organized. I've got a stack of about 100 in my office, most of them classifying ...