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Existence and Uniqueness of lifting Hele-Shaw problem

I am researching for the existence and uniqueness of solutions for the equation in figure below enter image description here $$\nabla\cdot u = \frac{\dot b(t)}{b(t)} \text{ in }\Omega(t) \tag{1}$$ The ...
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Is this equation of hyperbolic type?

I want to now whether this equation is of hyperbolic type: $$(1-\partial_{xx})y_{tt}+y_{xxxx}=0$$ with boundary conditions $$y(t,0)=y(t,1)=y_x(t,0)=y_x(t,1)=0.$$ I would say that the answer is yes. By ...
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$C^1$ partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism have Hölder stable holonomies (reference request)

I have spent an insane amount of time searching for a preprint I have printed a few months ago but misplaced. I cannot find it anymore and this drives me crazy. It might not have been meant for ...
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Eigenvalues of the D'Alembertian operator

My question about the spectral theory of the D'Alembertian operator on a Lorentzian manifolds (say the spacetime $M^{3+1}$) given by $$\square = -\partial_{t}^2 + \Delta$$ for the metric $g=(-+++)$. ...
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Is there a similar theorem in the partially hyperbolic case?

Theorem 5.10.3 from Introduction to dynamical systems, by Brin & Stuck: Let $f:M\rightarrow M$ be an Anosov diffeomorphism. Then the following are equivalent: $NW(f)=M$, every unstable manifold ...
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Center-stable manifolds

Let $f:M\to M$ be a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism. That is, there exists a continuous splitting $TM=E^u\oplus E^c\oplus E^s$ into unstable, center and stable bundles. It is well known that there ...
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