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This tag is intended for extensions of real numbers, such as hypercomplex numbers, surreal numbers, non-standard analysis, games etc.

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Is standard, affine infinity of extended reals quite small on the scale of infinities?

Some time ago I had a conversation with a guy who was into surreal numbers and he said that in surreal numbers the affine infinity is quite minor entity compared to the ordinality of natural numbers $\...
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Did anyone ever introduce an "oscillating unity"?

I wonder whether anyone ever tried to introduce an extension of real numbers by adding an element $\nu$ which would signify the behavior of the function $(-1)^x$ as $x$ goes to infinity? In other ...
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What are the consequences if we could express tangent via logarithm in an algebraic system? [closed]

Working on an algebra of divergent integrals I came to the following relation: If $\tau=\int_0^\infty dx$ then $$\ln (\tau+a)=\int_{0}^\infty \psi'(x+1/2+a)dx$$ and this directly gives the following ...
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