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Hiring processes for mathematicians, especially in the US, often involve an online-resource called MathJobs. The tag is for questions relating to this resource specifically. It is not for general inquiries related to jobs for mathematicians; see the tag "career" instead.

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How much would a mathematician cost? [closed]

Recently our department lost one of the best professors who was attracted by a better University. If we were a football club, and he were a leading player, we would receive many millions of ...
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Question about reference letters on mathjobs [closed]

I have a mechanical question about the mathjobs interface (I believe this is not off -topic since there is a correct answer and this answer would remove uncertainty for other mathematicians in future ...
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Partial differential equations outside of academia [closed]

I've seen a number of career/jobs questions on mathoverflow before, so I thought I would ask. Please excuse me if this isn't the best place for this specific question. Lately I've been really ...
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Sources to find industrial jobs for mathematicians with a Ph.D., or with advanced backgrounds? (preferably research positions but not necessarily)

Several companies (google, IBM etc.) are known to hire mathematicians with advanced degrees (Ph.D. and so) to work in different sectors; I mean mostly research oriented positions in industry but could ...
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How difficult will it be for me to switch fields (details below) after my Ph.D. in pure mathematics?

I'm a first year postdoctoral researcher, working in pure areas of Riemann surfaces and differential geometry, after just finishing my Ph.D. in 2013. Recently I've also started taking interest in ...
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Beginner's questions on the post-doc application

I am going on the (research oriented) post-doc job market (mainly in the US) this winter and would like to ask some questions. I am aware of the site, but I am ...
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Job sites for applied/interdisciplinary Mathematics?

I was wondering whether there're job sites that post jobs in applied/interdisciplinary mathematics, more specially, say postdocs or higher positions in mathematics and medical imaging, mathematics and ...
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Industry jobs involving mathematics, machine learning and biology [closed]

I have a MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Bioinformatics (in two different European countries); during the PhD I was developing computational methods to analyse DNA sequence data, mainly using a ...
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Switching from pure mathematics (e.g. geometry) to more applied areas (e.g imaging) after Ph.D., as postdoc and chance of getting such a postdoc?

Before I start my question, I should probably mention that this question might not be the right question to ask here, but I tried academiabeta, and stackoverflow, but without getting any to-the-point ...
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On mentioning recommenders' names in cover letter for postdoctoral applications

If I want to apply for a postdoctoral job, can I mention the name of my recommenders in my cover letter just to bolster my application, particularly when I am sure that the people who will read my ...
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Shortlists and job offers [closed]

I hope this question is appropriate for MO. I started application process this year. I've searched several online ads for a job and found a wiki page, which contains names of people that have been ...
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Question on "publication List" for applying to post-doctoral jobs

1) Many Mathematics departments ask to send a "list of publications" while applying for research postdoctoral jobs. My question is: how important is it to post my papers in arXiv. I know, posting on ...
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Things to keep in mind while looking for a Postdoc overseas

Hello, I would like to receive some suggestions about what you think to be the best important things that should be kept in mind while looking for a postdoc position. I'm not considering (in this ...
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Advice on Giving a Talk [closed]

What advice do you have for giving a talk on a mathematical research paper to people in other fields in science (not physics nor astronomy) but without lot of math background? Thanks.
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Universities not listed on mathjobs

I am now applying for postdoc positions and faculty positions at teaching colleges, all through mathjobs. I have a location constraint, and so am applying to universities all within a single ...
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"Industry"/Government jobs for mathematicians

Suppose that you graduate with a good PhD in mathematics, but don't necessarily want to go into academia, with the post-doc years that this entails. Are there any other options for continuing to do "...
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Where are mathematics jobs advertised if not on mathjobs (e.g. in Europe and elsewhere)?

My impression is that in the US, there is a canonical place for finding math jobs, namely For those of us who live and apply for jobs elsewhere, life is more complicated, and searching ...