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For which sets of linearly independent complex matrices does there exist a vector whose image set under the given matrices is linearly independent?

For which sets $\{A_i \}_{i=1}^n \subseteq M_d$ of linearly independent $d\times d$ complex matrices does there exist a vector $v\in \mathbb{C}^d$ such that $$\text{dim} [\text{span}\{A_1v, A_2v, \...
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Maximum probability of a set of vectors from $ \mathbb{F}_2^n $ being linearly independent

Suppose $ m $ vectors from the vector space $ \mathbb{F}_2^n $ are selected independently according to a distribution $ P $ over $ \mathbb{F}_2^n $. Here $ \mathbb{F}_2 $ denotes the field with two ...
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Does linear independence imply algebraic independence for partitioned homogeneous polynomials?

Define a partitioned homogeneous polynomial of degree $d$ to be a polynomial in $$\mathbb Z[x_{11},\dots,x_{1n},\dots,x_{d1},\dots,x_{dn}]$$ with monomials from entries in (polynomials that are $d$-...
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Cyclic vectors for regular representations

I'm looking for references about the following aspect of cyclic vectors for regular representations. Let $K$ be a compact Lie group. Let $K$ act on $L^2(K)$ by the left regular representation. Then $...
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linear independence of exponentials

Let $X$ be the set of functions $e^{p(x)}$ of the real vector $x$, where $p$ is a multivariate polynomial with $p(0)=0$. Is any finite subset of $X$ linearly independent? If yes, why? If no, is the ...
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