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Is there a definition of analogue Weyl group for Lie super algebra?

I heard from some people working in Lie super algebra that there was no proper definition for Weyl group of Lie super algebra. I do not know Lie super algebra at all. But When I searched on Google, I ...
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Serre relations for Lie Superalgebras

Finite dimensional complex simple Lie algebras are classified using Cartan matrices. One of the main ingredients is Serre Relations. Lets call this Cartan-Killing theory. I have the following ...
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Super version of Poisson brackets of tensor products

Let $A$ be a Poisson super algebra ($A$ is a super algebra and $A$ satisfies super Jacobi identity, super commutativity, super Leibniz rule). Super version of the product of two tensor products is \...
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Is the SUSY Algebra isomorphic for all Kähler Manifolds?

For a Kähler manifold, the graded algebra generated by $\partial,\overline{\partial},\partial^*,\overline{\partial}^\ast$, the Lefschetz operator, and the dual Lefschetz operator, is called the ...
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Coordinate ring of an equivariant embedding of a homogeneous projective variety

Lie algebra: Let $G$ be a semisimple, simply connected linear algebraic group with a fixed Borel subgroup $B$. Let $P$ be a parabolic subgroup containing $B$. Let $\lambda$ be a dominant integral ...
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