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How does a connected Julia set imply a member of the Mandelbrot Set?

I'm doing an introductory online course in complex analysis. In one of the lectures its stated that a complex number $c$ belongs to the Mandelbrot Set iff the Julia set $J(z^2 + c)$ is connected. I ...
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If I have zeros at the vertices of an icosahedron, where should the poles go?

I've been tinkering with Newton's method applied to polynomials. E.g., Newton's method for $z^5 - 1 = 0$ gives: There aren't a lot of symmetric patterns of finite sets of points in the plane, so I ...
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Hausdorff dimension of Julia set

Can anyone show me the proof "Hausdorff dimension of Julia set is strictly positive"? For purpose to prove this we might have to prove the green function of basin of attraction to infinity ...
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Convex Julia sets

Consider the classical Julia set $J_f$ associated with $f(z)=z^2+c$. Since $J_c$ is completely invariant, we know that $f^{-1}(J_f) \subseteq J_f$. Now, let $H_f$ be the convex hull of $J_f$. Is it ...
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Is the set of non-escaping points in a Julia set always totally disconnected?

I am looking for examples of transcendental entire functions $f:\mathbb C\to \mathbb C$ such that the set of non-escaping points in the Julia set of $f$ is not totally disconnected. I denote this set $...
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Who proved that the Mandelbrot set's Julia sets are locally connected?

I'd be greatly interested in a reference to the respective article. Was it Douady? Julia? Hubbard? Fatou? Bonus question: Who gave the proof that can be found in the Orsay notes? EDIT: The question ...
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Is the function Point -> Julia set "injective"?

Consider the functions $f_c(z) := z^2 + c$ for $c \in \mathbb C$. For each such function, we may form the associated Julia set. My question: If $c, c' \in \mathbb C$ produce in this way the same Julia ...
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Why are the Julia sets so simple? (quadratic family)

I want to know why, when I look at the Julia sets of the quadratic family, I see only a finite number of repeating patterns, rather than a countable infinity of them. My question is specifically ...
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Diophantine approximation in the Julia set

Let $f : \mathbb{CP}^1 \to \mathbb{CP}^1$ be a rational map of degree $q > 1$; or just a quadratic binomial $z^2 + c$, if one prefers. The Julia set $J_f$ is the closure of the repelling periodic ...
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Is this a Julia set (and if so, for which function family is it the Julia set)?

Consider the function family given by $f_\lambda(z) = z - p_\lambda(z)/p_\lambda'(z)$ where $p_\lambda(z) = (z^2 - 1)(z - \lambda)$. Every attracting cycle and every rational neutral cycle of $f_\...
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Area of filled Julia sets

The recent question Area of the boundary of the Mandelbrot set ? prompted me to ask this question. There has been some work on estimates for the area of the Mandelbrot set, e.g., a paper by John H. ...
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