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Infinite-time Turing machines and the formal Church's thesis

Infinite-time Turing machines are known to either halt or loop in countable time. In the spirit of double-negation translation, is there a statement which is: classically equivalent to this; ...
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A Question Regarding Productive Sets in the Koepke-Koerwien System SO (Sets of Ordinals)

In their paper "The Theory of Sets of Ordinals" (arXiv), Koepke and Koerwien propose a theory SO axiomatizing the class of sets of ordinals in a model of ZFC and show that SO and ZFC are bi-...
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Does the following characterization of the elements of $\mathscr P$($\omega$) fail for ITTM's?

Hartley Rogers Jr., on pg. 120 of his text, Theory of Recursive Functions and Effective Computability, presents and discusses the following characterization of the sets in $\mathscr P(\omega)$: $\...
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