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Non Seifert incompressible surfaces detected by ideal points

Given a 3-manifold with toric boundary, the Culler-Shalen theory associates an incompressible surface to any ideal point of its character variety. From the proof of the Neuwirth conjecture, one knows ...
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On the geometrization of double branched covers

I recently got into Lickorish's paper Prime knots and tangles and a question, which I didn't have the first time I read it, naturally emerged. The Thurston-Perelman Geometrization Theorem asserts ...
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the local structure of an immersed incompressible surface

Assume that $M$ is a closed, irreducible, orientable 3-manifold. Suppose that we have a closed, immersed, incompressible surface $F$ of genus at least 1. Since we only required $F$ to be immersed in $...
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Constructing a "nice" cobordism

Denote by $\Sigma_g$ the closed, orientable surface of genus $g$. I want to construct a cobordism $M_g$ between $\Sigma_g$ and $\Sigma_{g+1}$ with the following two nice properties: 1) $M_g$ is an ...
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Geometric intersection with incompressible surfaces

Let $M$ be a oriented compact $3$-manifold, closed or with boundary. For any incompressible surface $F$, define a function $i_F$ on the set of homotopy classes of closed curves in $M$ by $$i_F (\alpha)...
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Is there a way to classify incompressible surfaces in $\Sigma \times [0,1]$ ?

Is there a way to classify incompressible surfaces in $\Sigma \times [0,1]$ where $\Sigma$ is any closed surface? I know of the Hatcher-Thurston classification of incompressible surfaces in 2-bridge ...
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compressibility of Seifert surface after 0-surgery

Gabai's solution of the Property R conjecture shows that a minimal genus Seifert surface of a knot, capped off in the 0-framed surgery along that knot, is of minimal genus in its homology class. In ...
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Example of hyperbolic 3-fold with no embedded incompressible subsurfaces

Kahn-Markovic show that every hyperbolic 3-fold contains an immersed $\pi_1$ injective surface. Are there any known examples of hyperbolic 3-folds that do not contain a embedded $\pi_1$ injective ...
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Incompressible surfaces in an open subset of R^3

Let $U$ be a connected open subset of $\mathbb R^3$. Furthermore, we have: $\mathbb R^3\setminus U$ has exactly two connected components (thus by Alexander duality, $H_2(U;\mathbb Z)=\mathbb Z$). $U$...
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