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Radial-energy decomposition of a velocity field in 2D: is anyone able to show that the lemma below is true (…or false)?

In the book “Vorticity and Incompressible Flow” by Majda and Bertozzi, there is the following lemma. Lemma 3.2. Any smooth incompressible vector field $v$ in $\mathbb{R}^2$ with vorticity $$\omega=\...
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6 answers

Peer review 2.0

I have an idea for a website that could improve some well-known difficulties around peer review system and "hidden knowledge" in mathematics. It seems like a low hanging fruit that many ...
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Is this an error in Loomis and Sternberg?

In Loomis and Sternberg's Advanced Calculus section 3.3 Continuity, they make this comment (just before Theorem 3.2, [pp. 128-129 in my copy): A linear map $T : V \rightarrow W$ is bounded below by ...
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Extent of “unscientific”, and of wrong, papers in research mathematics

This question is cross-posted from where it got closed with the advice of posting it on MO. Kevin Buzzard's slides (PDF version) at a recent conference have really ...
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Errata database?

Some authors do a really great job by collecting errors and comments to their books and putting a list on their websites. I wonder if there is some (perhaps wiki-style) website where errata are ...
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