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Dieudonne modules vs Dieudonne crystals reference/clarification

I've read a bit about Dieudonné modules, mainly from Fontaine's "Groupes p-divisibles sur les corps locaux" and Demazure's "Lectures on $p$-divisible groups". I am familiar with the main ...
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Geometry underlying a comparison of Dieudonné theories

Maybe these hypotheses aren't necessary, but for me $\mathbb G$ will be a smooth formal group of dimension 1 and finite height over a perfect field $k$. There are several presentations of the ...
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Dieudonné theory over non-perfect base fields

Is there a Dieudonné theory for $p$-divisible groups (or for finite flat group schemes of $p$-power order) over non-perfect base-fields?
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Dieudonne modules and Cartier-Dieudonne module of a formal group

As far as I understand, there are Dieudonne modules defined through the homomorphisms to Witt covector scheme and Cartier-Dieudonne modules defined by curves. Am I right that the latter sometimes (for ...
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Extension of Messing-Mazur-Oda to general groups

The following may be well-known (or obviously false), but I can't find a counterexample or a reference. Suppose that $k$ is some perfect field (one can assume algebraically closed, if that makes you ...
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Two different definitions of $\sigma$-L-spaces in Kottwitz I and II

In his papers "Isocrystals with additional structure" I and II, Kottwitz defines the notion of $\sigma$-$L$-spaces. In the first one the situation is the following $k$ an algebraically closed field ...
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$\sigma$-conjugate iff $p$-adically close

First some notations. Let $p$ be a prime, $k$ a perfect field of characteristic $p$, $W=W(k)$ the ring of Witt vectors over $k$, $\sigma : W \rightarrow W$ the Frobenius, $R$ a commutative $\mathbb{Z}...
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Has anyone used this theorem of P. Cartier?

In "Groupes Algebriques et Groupes Formels", Conf. au coll. sur la theorie des groupes algebriques, Bruxelles 1962, P. Cartier proves the following in Section 9, Theoreme 1: (What follows is my ...
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