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Auxiliary verbs in DisCoCat

If you have seen Coecke and Sadrzadeh's work on linguistics, or Natural Language Processing (see "Experimenting with transitive verbs in a DisCoCat": arXiv link, you will know they have a ...
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What natural language properties are supported by these categorical axioms?

I find it difficult to see a concise description of all the Categorical structures one needs to support each of the features we see in Natural Language. This work was largely covered by Coecke and ...
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Do grammars with these properties have a name?

I'm interested in context-free grammars on a finite set of symbols where all the production rules replace a symbol by a string of length two. There is also one constraint: in the reductive direction ...
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Measuring the randomness of texts

The question concerns statistic properties of random words in a finite alphabet $A$. By $A^{<\omega}$ we denote the set of all words in the alphabet $A$, i.e. finite sequences of elements of $A$. ...
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Latent Dirichlet Allocation on Contrived Data

I am doing a project that seems like it might be susceptible to Latent Dirichlet Allocation. However, my data is highly contrived (both in test cases and use cases) and my "words" don't come close to ...
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Why is alpha-equivalence in untyped $\lambda$-calculus substitutive?

This is something all introductory texts seem to avoid proving, and many even avoid stating. We consider untyped $\lambda$-terms on some countably infinite alphabet. If $x$ is a variable and $p$ is ...
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9 answers

Looking for a collection of entry level proofs

Hi all, I am looking to do some linguistic analysis of informal proofs. Therefore I am on a search for a collection of entry level proofs written in a clear, uninvolved style. I have one ...
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3 answers

Predicting if something is a code

I'm trying to help a non-mathematical friend by posting a question of his here. He studies literature and has come across a book which is written in a made-up language. The book is hundreds of pages,...
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