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What is the meaning of chiral in the context of vertex algebras?

There are many objects in mathematics that have the term "chiral" in their name, for instance, chiral algebra by Beilinson and Drinfeld, chiral de Rham complex, chiral Koszul duality etc. ...
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Going between the abstract and the concrete notions of chiral homology

Let $X$ be a smooth algebraic curve over $\mathbf{C}$, and let $\mathcal{V}$ be a factorisation algebra over $X$, whose fibre above $x\in X$ is the vertex algebra $V$. Note that $\mathcal{V}\in\...
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Chiral homology for the Virasoro algebra and/or affine Lie algebra

I want to understand what concrete analytical objects are found in chiral homology of higher degree of a vertex algera (-module) $M$. More precisely: I can obtain conformal blocks on a surface $\Sigma$...
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Applications of topological chiral homology and factorization algebras (aka higher Hochschild cohomology)

I recently heard a talk about these topics and found them very interesting. The talk was centered on the formal structure and didn't really focus on examples. So my question is: what is your favorite ...
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