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Can knot non-equivalence be a proof-of-work for a cryptocurrency?

Regarding a question about proofs-of-work and following up on this answer and the comments therein, I believe we can, at least in theory, come close to having the hashing resources used in ...
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What computational problems would be good proof-of-work problems for cryptocurrency mining?

What computational mathematics problems that could be used as proof-of-work problems for cryptocurrencies? To make this question easier to answer, I want proof-of-work systems that work in ...
35 votes
7 answers

What problem would you base your mathcoin on?

Recently, a variant of electronic currency, based on prime sextuplets, broke the record in generating the largest known set of six primes, packed as closely as possible, that is, a sextuple $(p,p+4,p+...
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Will quantum computing kill cryptography ? [closed]

I apologize as this question is not really mathematical, and therefore perhaps not well-suited for this site. Please feel free to close it if you think it is not. My reason for asking it here is that ...
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Which hard mathematical problems do you have to solve to earn bitcoins ?

A virtual currency called bitcoins has been in the news recently. It is said that in order to "mine" bitcoins, you have to solve hard mathematical problems. Now, there are two kinds of mathematical ...
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Bitcoin Research

I have recently been assigned to advise a student on a senior thesis. She has taken linear algebra, introductory real analysis, and abstract algebra. Her interest is in cryptography. And she has a ...