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A generalization of central simple algebras over arbitrary commutative rings, or over a scheme

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$\mathbb G_{\mathrm{m}}$-gerbes are to (derived) Azumaya algebras as $G$-gerbes are to …?

Let $X$ be a quasicompact quasiseparated scheme over a field $k$. The connection between Azumaya algebras over $X$ and $\mathbb G_{\mathrm{m}}$-gerbes over $X$ is well-known: there exists an injection ...
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A local-to global principle for splitting of Azumaya algebras

Let $S$ be a finitely generated domain with the field of fractions $F.$ Let X be a smooth, geometrically connected affine variety over $S.$ Let $A$ be an Azumaya algebra over $X.$ Assume that for all ...
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An Azumaya algebra from a vector bundle, and a construction of Belov-Kanel and Kontsevich

Let $S/k$ be a scheme over a perfect field $k$ of characteristic $p>0$. In Automorphisms of the Weyl Algebra, Belov-Kanel and Kontsevich write down the map $$\alpha: H^0(\Omega^1_{S/k}/d\mathcal O) ...
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Weyl algebra as an Azumaya algebra over its centre

Assume that $k$ is an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic $p$. On page 3 (page 6 of the PDF file) of Bezrukavnikov, Mirković, and Rumynin - Localisation of Modules for a semisimple ...
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Category of modules over an Azumaya algebra and the Brauer group

Let $k$ be a field, and let $\alpha \in \mathrm{Br}(k)$. Let $A$ be an Azumaya algebra representing $\alpha$. Then the category $A$–$\mathrm{mod}$ depends only on $\alpha$. I would like to know ...
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Hochschild cohomology of an Azumaya algebra

Let $k$ be a field. Given a commutative $k$-algebra $Z$ and an associative algebra $A$ that is Azumaya over $Z$, do we have an isomorphism of Hochschild cohomologies: $HH^*(A) \cong HH^*(Z)$? This is ...
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Explicit examples of Azumaya algebras

I'm trying to understand the Brauer group of a scheme better. I know how to compute $\text{Br}(X)$ as an abstract group in some cases, but don't have a good idea of what the individual Azumaya ...
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Are differential forms related to Azumaya algebras?

While studying vector bundle valued differential forms, $\Omega^{\bullet}(M, E)$, or $\Omega^{\bullet}(M, \mathrm{End}(E))$ if that helps this discussion, I've come across some work in Azumaya ...
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An example of an Azumaya algebra that isn't free over its centre

Azumaya originally defined an Azumaya algebra (which he called a proper maximally central algebra) to be an algebra A which is a free module of finite rank over its centre Z such that the natural map $...
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