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Mathematical "urban legends"

When I was a young and impressionable graduate student at Princeton, we scared each other with the story of a Final Public Oral, where Jack Milnor was dragged in against his will to sit on a committee,...
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17 camels trick

The following popular mathematical parable is well known: A father left 17 camels to his three sons and, according to the will, the eldest son should be given a half of all camels, the middle son ...
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Most striking applications of category theory?

What are the most striking applications of category theory? I'm trying to motivate deeper study of category theory and I have only come across the following significant examples: Joyal's ...
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Each mathematician has only a few tricks

The question "Every mathematician has only a few tricks" originally had approximately the title of my question here, but originally admitted an interpretation asking for a small collection ...
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What do named "tricks" share?

There are a number of theorems or lemmas or mathematical ideas that come to be known as eponymous tricks, a term which in this context is in no sense derogatory. Here is a list of 11 such tricks (the ...
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Analytic tools in algebraic geometry

This is not a very precise question, but I hope it will get some good answers. As someone with a background in smooth manifold theory, I have experienced algebraic geometry as a beautiful but foreign ...
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Is there a systematic method for differentiating under the integral sign?

This MO question by Tim Gowers reminded me of a question I've wondered about for some time. In the delightful book Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, Feynman praises the technique of differentiating ...
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How is the "conformal prediction" conformal?

The question is clarified by Prof.V.Vovk. See his answer below for discussion. Recently, early works of Gammerman, Vanpnik and Vovk[4] are rediscovered by Wasserman[1] and proposed it as a ...
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What is a simplified intuitive explanation of conformal invariance? [closed]

Can the concept of conformal map and conformal Invariance be explained in very general terms, preferably in high school/undergrad-level Mathematics? Abstracting away from the applications in physics (...
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Proof of certain $q$-identity for $q$-Catalan numbers

Let us use the standard notation for $q$-integers, $q$-binomials, and the $q$-analog $$ \operatorname{Cat}_q(n) := \frac{1}{[n+1]_q} \left[\matrix{2n \\ n}\right]_q. $$ I want to prove that for all ...
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Hard problems solving tricks

This question is motivated by this one that I posted on math.stackexchange. When I fail to solve a hard math problem (like the ones I presented in the linked post), I read a solution and I noticed ...
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Is there a general theory for Wilsonian renormalization?

I know that Wilson's renormalization group is not a theory per se and that there are many ways to implement it in a given system. Also, renormalization group techniques are applied in a large number ...
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