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Does there exist, either still in development or already on on-line, anything like a wiki-type tool designed for mathematicians and students studying monographs and texts and journal articles---a place for readers, say, to flag typos, correct mistakes, fill gaps, provide shortcuts, supply missing references and indicate progress postdating the original publication?

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There is a question mathoverflow.net/questions/2147 on helpful math resources on the web. I suggest if something like this should exist and was not already suggested there, it could be suggested there. And, this can be closed, say as too localised or not a real question (depnding on interpretation). –  quid Dec 10 '11 at 18:57
Try the nLab. I doubt they'll complain if you make a few pages like that. –  S. Carnahan Dec 11 '11 at 6:06
Thank you Scott for that very sharp suggestion. (nLab had not previously shown up on my radar.) –  David Feldman Dec 13 '11 at 6:30

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