A locally compact group $G$ has Kazhdan's property (T) if the trivial representation $1_G:G\to\mathbb{C}$, $1_G(x) = 1$ for all $x\in G$, is isolated in $\hat{G}$ with the Fell topology. Bekka took this concept from the LCG setting to the $C^*$-algebras. The snippet below with the definition of property (T) for $C^*$-algebras is taken from Brown2006.

enter image description here

Brown refers to Bekka2006 for the definition of property (T) although the definitions in Brown2006 and in Bekka2006 are not verbatim the same.

Question 0: Is there a written proof in the literature (a monograph, book, or an expository text on the subject) showing that these two definitions are indeed equivalent?

The snippet below is from Bekka2006.

enter image description here

This is the first and the only instance that considers property (T) for general Banach algebras to the best of my knowledge.

Question 1: Could you share the links of the literature on property (T) (not only for $C^*$-algebras but also) for general Banach algebras? If you know that there is none, writing this down to the comments below is also a useful input for the amateur who posed this question.

It is surprising to me that there is a vast literature for amenability for Banach algebras (which had been taken from LCG setting as well), but relatively scarce resources for property (T).



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