Are there examples of compact complex manifolds $X$ with $K_X$ nef, but $X$ is not Kähler? Perhaps even non-Moishezon examples?

Here, nef can be defined as follows: For any $\varepsilon>0$ there is a Hermitian metric $h_{\varepsilon}$ on $K_X$ with curvature $\Theta_{h_{\varepsilon}} \geq - \varepsilon \omega$, where $\omega$ is a positive-definite real $(1,1)$--form on $X$.


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Let $X$ and $Y$ be compact complex manifolds. Note that $K_{X\times Y} \cong \pi_1^*K_X\otimes \pi_2^*K_Y$. If $Y$ has trivial canonical bundle, then $K_{X\times Y} \cong \pi_1^*K_X$. Now the pullback of a nef line bundle is again nef, see Proposition 1.8 (i) of Compact Complex Manifolds with Numerically Effective Tangent Bundles by Demailly, Peternell, and Schneider. So one can construct many examples by choosing $X$ with $K_X$ nef and $Y$ non-Kähler with $K_Y$ trivial.

Example: Let $X$ be a curve of genus $g > 1$ and $Y$ be a primary Kodaira surface. Then $X\times Y$ is a non-Kähler threefold with $K_{X\times Y}$ nef. Note that $X\times Y$ is also not Moishezon as it contains $Y$ as a complex submanifold and $Y$ is not Moishezon.

For more examples of non-Kähler manifolds with $K_Y$ trivial, see the introduction of Non-Kähler Calabi-Yau Manifolds by Tosatti. As is pointed out in Proposition 1.1, if $K_Y$ is trivial (or even just torsion), then it admits a metric $h$ with curvature $\Theta_h = 0$ and hence $K_Y$ is nef, so we don't even need to take a product with $X$ in the above construction.

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