I was looking for a PDF of the complete series, but unfortunately I am unable to find any. Could someone please help me find a website that may have it for free for general public, and if not, a site where I could purchase it? Also I read some question about whether the works are outdated, and I am confused whether I should actually read it? Any advises?

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    $\begingroup$ amazon.it/Nicolas-Bourbaki/e/B000APA81G/… $\endgroup$ – Francesco Polizzi 2 days ago
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    $\begingroup$ That said, I would not recommend Bourbaki as a textbook for self-study $\endgroup$ – Francesco Polizzi 2 days ago
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    $\begingroup$ before this gets deleted, libgen is the site you're looking for. $\endgroup$ – Elliot G 2 days ago
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    $\begingroup$ libgen.me $\endgroup$ – ogogmad yesterday
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    $\begingroup$ thanks a lot, i found the books now and honestly i'm probably looking for them just to look at them in awe i don't expect my 9th grader self to actually understand any of this stuff.. i just heard about it from a TED ed video so really wanted to check them out. $\endgroup$ – Abrar Jawad yesterday

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