On $(\mathbb{R}, \tau)$ the euclidean space of real numbers, we define a new topology by letting $\tau^{*}=\{X\subseteq \mathbb{R}: X=\emptyset \hspace{0.1cm}\mbox{or}\hspace{0.1cm}\mathbb{R}\setminus X\hspace{0.1cm}\mbox{is}\hspace{0.1cm} \mbox{compact} \hspace{0.1cm} \mbox{in}\hspace{0.1cm} (\mathbb{R}, \tau) \}$, it is known that $(\mathbb{R}, \tau^{*})$ is Lindelöf, meager in itself, my question is if Player II has a winning strategy in the Rothberger game played in $(\mathbb{R}, \tau^{*})$.

Remember that:

The Rothberger game on a topological space $X$ is played according to the following rules:

In each inning $n\in\omega$, Player I chooses an open cover $\mathcal{U_n}$ of $X$, and then Player II picks an open set $U_{n}\in\mathcal{U}_{n}$. At the end of the play $\langle \mathcal{U}_{0}, U_{0}, \mathcal{U}_{1}, U_{1}, ..., \mathcal{U}_{n}, U_{n}, .... \rangle $. The winner is Player II if $X\subseteq\bigcup_{n\in\omega}U_n$, and Player I otherwise.

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The game is a win for Player I, not Player II. A winning strategy for Player I is to choose, in inning $n$, the open cover $$\mathcal U_n=\{(a,b)\cup(-\infty,-10)\cup(10,\infty):a,b\in\mathbb R,\ 0\lt b-a\lt2^{-n}\}.$$ If more details are wanted, see the answer I posted to the same question at math.SE:



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