Let's say, for the purpose of the question you were developing a fighting videogame with RPG elements. Here are the factors to consider-

Different weapons do different damage. Different weapons swing at varying speeds. Each character has a different Strength Score that is applied to their attack, which increases it's damage output.

If you wanted to make this a balanced system, (balanced meaning each weapon has the same damage output per second with a person of any given strength) how might you design the system to work?

List of Limits The longest a swing can take is 1.2 seconds Weapons with lower damage /must/ swing faster than weapons with higher damage. Weapons must be the same speed with every player, you cannot slow a weapons speed due to its strength bonus. However you can impose limits on how the bonus is achieved/applied. (Ex. To gain the entire bonus with a weapon, you may "charge" the attack for x time, and a bonus of 1 for every x time is added up until your strength maximum.)

List of Weapons: Dagger 2 damage/ Shortsword 3 damage/ Longsword 4 damage/ Greatsword 6 damage/

Problems to occur: Conventionally you could make a dagger swing three times as fast as a greatsword and they'd have the same DPS, however, because of the "Strength" factor, this is no longer the case. A dagger would be doing 7 damage per swing and the greatsword would be doing 11, making the dagger "better".

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