Is there way to round number to decimal places using just simple math operations in one formula?

No converting to text allowed.
No considerations (like "if point is..then") allowed. No conversions like INT, FLOOR allowed.

Something like this: (2344.334*100)/100 ...

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  • Hi Benny, and welcome to MO. Other users may yet prove me wrong but I'd judge this question unlikely to be received well here. Its reception at is likely to be better but as it is, I'd say its unlikely to reach the (different) quality standard there without some improvements. – user334732 Dec 7 at 11:36
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    taking the integer part is not a continuous function, so you will not be able to reach that using continuous operations like multiplication, addition,... – Carlo Beenakker Dec 7 at 11:37
  • You can quickly round any number to $0$ decimal places with the continuous function $f(x)=0$ – user334732 Dec 7 at 11:40

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