This is maybe a trivial question but i need some clarification to make it clearer in my mind. Consider the fundamental solution of the equation $ \partial_{t} u - \partial^{2}_{xx}u=0$ given by the so called green function $H(t,x)=(2 \pi t)^{\frac{-d}{2}} e^{\frac{- \vert x \vert ^{2}}{2t}}$ for $t>0$ and $ x \in R $ , $H(t,x)=0 $ if $t < 0, x \in R $.

The integral: $ \int_{0}^{t} \int_{R} H(t-s,x-y) dsdy$ can be well defined ?

For me H is not L1(R^{2}) so i don't see how this integral can be defined.

Maybe it's really trivial question but it confuses me. Thank you for any element of answer.

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  • the integral over all $x$ is a Gaussian integral which gives unity. – Carlo Beenakker Dec 6 at 23:06
  • so we can consider the L1 norm on R^{2} of H ? – nour Dec 7 at 1:33
  • you are looking for a solution to the diffusion equation, which is given by the Green function; this solution is integrable, and by particle number conservation is equal to its value at $t=0$, hence it integrates to unity. – Carlo Beenakker Dec 7 at 9:50

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