Let $(M,\cdot)$ be a magma. Does the property $(x\cdot y)\cdot(z\cdot t) = x\cdot(y\cdot z)\cdot t$ have a special name? Thanks.

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    What does the right-hand side mean? It's lacking a pair of parentheses. – Gro-Tsen Dec 6 at 20:11
  • If the magma has a unit, or satisfies the identity x*x=x, this is just associativity (regardless of which way you group x(yz)t). If you have a left or right band or rectangular band, the identities are consequences of band identities. I think you have three distinct magma varieties depending on which subset of groupings of x(yz)t you adopt. Starting with the linked article on magmas is a good idea. Gerhard "Searching 'Generalized Associativity' Might Help" Paseman, 2018.12.06. – Gerhard Paseman Dec 6 at 21:17

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