What is the current situation of the second part of the Hilbert 16th problem? What are the most updated news on this problem?

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    $\begingroup$ (from wikipedia) the second part is: The determination of the upper bound for the number of limit cycles in two-dimensional polynomial vector fields of degree $n$ and an investigation of their relative positions $\endgroup$ – YCor Sep 16 '18 at 21:00
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An update from April 2018 is given by Patrick Speissegger.

The idea, going back to Poincaré, is to reduce the two-dimensional counting problem (counting limit cycles in the plane) to a one-dimensional counting problem (counting certain points on a line). Roussarie (1998) showed that Hilbert’s 16th problem follows if a certain "finite cyclicity conjecture" holds. A tameness condition called "o-minimality" allows to reformulate Roussarie's conjecture as a conjecture of o-minimality. Speissegger discusses special cases where o-minimality can be proven and proposes this approach as a promising way to prove Hilbert's 16th problem.

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