I wanted to ask you, if you have any good references (book or pdf) to learn about the KK theroy of Kasparov. I think the presentation of Blackadar is too close from the commutative theory.

I was searching for a C* proof of the Bott periodicity and arrived in this thread. I searched in the references mentionned there but I didn't find anything about KK theory.

Any advice ?

Thanks :)


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If you want to learn more about KK-theory there is a book by Kjeld Knudsen Jensen and Klaus Thomsen with the title "Elements of KK-theory". You can have a look there.

I would also recommend those surveys: http://www.personal.psu.edu/ndh2/math/Papers_files/Higson%20-%201990%20-%20A%20primer%20on%20KK-theory.pdf



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