Is there any english (or french) translation of the following paper by Brieskorn (1970)?

Brieskorn, E., "Die Monodromie der Isolierten Singularitäten von Hyperflächen", Manuscripta Mathematica 2 (1970).

Thank you.


Zentralblatt lists a translation in Russian [published in Matematika, Moskva 15, No.4, 130-160 (1971)], but that's all. I also checked the Brieskorn Anniversary Volume, which lists his complete works, and again only the Russian translation appears.

As suggested by @aginensky, here is how Google translates the introduction of the Brieskorn paper from German into English. I give the translation without any post processing, directly as it comes out of the Google translator. It seems like a viable road.

John Milnor has shown in [29] that can be topologically define a local Picard-Lefschetz monodromy for singularities of hypersurfaces and isolated that this monodromy up to a certain extent determines the topology of the singularity. On the other hand there is the Picard-Lefschetz monodromy of families of singular algebraic manifolds investigations of A. Borel, C.H. Clemens [5] Ph.A. Griffiths [12], [13], [14], A. Grothendieck [16], N.M. Katz [20], [21], A. Landman [22] and F. Pham [31], which the classical results of Picard [32] and Lefschetz [24] generalize. In particular, by Grothendieck and others for this purpose an algebraic theory was developed, the theory of Gauss-Manin connection. While this theory, however, families of manifolds without singularities presupposes one-parameter families of manifolds with singularities are examined in this paper, it is introduced a singular local Gauass-Manin connectivity for isolated singularities of hypersurfaces. This provides a purely algebraic calculation of the originally defined topologically local Picard-Lefschetz monodromy. The restriction to the special case of isolated singularities of hypersurfaces the theory is very simple and explicit.

and here is the French translation

John Milnor a montré dans [29] qui peut être définie topologiquement un monodromie locale Picard-Lefschetz de singularités des hypersurfaces isolé et que cette monodromie jusqu'à une certaine mesure détermine la topologie de la singularité. D'autre part, il ya la monodromie Picard-Lefschetz des familles de singulières collecteurs algébriques enquêtes de A. Borel, C.H. Clemens [5] Ph.A. Griffiths [12], [13], [14], A. Grothendieck [16], N.M. Katz [20], [21], A. Landman [22] et F. Pham [31], dont les résultats classiques de Picard [32] et Lefschetz [24] généraliser. En particulier, par Grothendieck et d'autres à cet effet une théorie algébrique a été développé, la théorie de la connexion de Gauss-Manin. Bien que cette théorie, cependant, les familles des collecteurs sans singularités suppose familles à un paramètre de collecteurs avec singularités sont examinées dans le présent document, il est introduit une connectivité locale singulière Gauass-Manin pour les singularités isolées de hypersurfaces. Cela fournit un calcul purement algébrique de la monodromie Picard-Lefschetz topologiquement locale défini à l'origine. La restriction au cas particulier des singularités isolées de hypersurfaces la théorie est très simple et explicite.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you for your search anyway. It is unfortunate that a foundational and widely known paper like this has no translation, I'm still hoping there is some "unofficial" english version somewhere. Meanwhile, I'll sit down with a German vocabulary... $\endgroup$ – peter Jan 30 '16 at 13:03
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    $\begingroup$ What about using google translate ? $\endgroup$ – meh Jan 31 '16 at 16:26

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