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An odd perfect number $N$ is said to be given in Eulerian form if $N = {q^k}{n^2}$ where $q$ is prime, $q \equiv k \equiv 1 \pmod 4$, and $\gcd(q, n) = 1$.

Here is my question:

If $N = {q^k}{n^2}$ is an odd perfect number given in Eulerian form, is $n$ squarefree?

I would certainly appreciate it if someone could point me to existing papers in the literature where this particular question is addressed.


No, if an odd perfect number exists, then $n$ must contain a square factor. This is a 1937 result of Steuerwald:

R. Steuerwald, "Verschärfung einer notwendigen Bedingung für die Existenz einer ungeraden vollkommenen Zahl," S.-B. Math.-Nat. Abt. Bayer. Akad. Wiss., 1937, pp. 68-73.

A very nice recent paper on this theme is by Fletcher, Nielsen, and Ochem (Math. Comp.); the preprint version is freely available on Nielsen's website: https://math.byu.edu/~pace/OPNSieves_web.pdf

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