I need the year of death of the following mathematicians all of whom are written up in R.C.Archibald's book Mathematical Table Makers.

Carl Burrau, b. 1867, d. ???? - Danish, astronomer and actuary

Herbert Bristol Dwight, b. 1885, d. ???? - American, tables of integrals

Alexander John Thompson, b. 1885, d. ????, British, statistician, BAASMTC

Thanks for any insight.

Cheers, Scott


Burrau died in 1947 (source) Dwight died in 1975 (source) I could not find info on A.J. Thompson's year of death.


Just a comment on Šiljak's source about Dwight: the footnote (in Russian) says "Год смерти этого автора точно неизвестен и оценен как 1975", i.e. the year of death of Dwight was unknown by the author of that website and "estimated" as 1975.


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