I have a Graphic Tablet and I am looking for a software which have the following features:

Math equation recognition I want to write and solve math equations in Graphic Tablet and auto recognized to copy paste them in a word processor like MS Word.

Live graph painting I want to plot graphs with different colors in the tablet and see them live in display to copy paste them in a word precessor like MS Word

In short, I have a lot (lot lot) equations in notes and I want to move them in digital form. Writing on MS Word is time consuming and I was wondering if there is a software that could make it easier with a Graphic Tablet.

I am interested on a free software, but if there is any really nice paid one, I could think about it.

I found this Web Service MyScript which recognize the handwriting part from Graphic Tablet and translate to Latex or MathML. Exactly what I would like to do. But it is not a free service. Do you know any alternative to this one which may be free?


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The app MathPad is not entirely free, but will only offset you by $5 to unlock the LaTeX export after a trial time.

I have not tried this myself, but the reviews seem quite encouraging.

ah, and it will be a good excuse to buy an iPad!

A $15 alternative, MathInk, might also be worth considering. It seems both apps use the same techology from Vision Objects.


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